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Online radio audience is rising fast and allows you to cover an ever-growing number of people. With Us, you will be able to target your campaign's audience and increase its impact !

Precise and Adjustable

Unlike traditional FM radios, We help you target the specific audience you want to reach. Your ad is aimed at the audience profile and location you choose, a true one-to-one relationship. Choosing us means choosing your target audience and having a superior price-profile-capacity connection.

  • Target markets in Europe and The Americas
  • Custom-made ad campaigns
  • You increase the number of potential customers according to your needs and budget
  • Control over your expenses, start as low as 100€
  • You pay for CPM (cost per mille)

From SOHO to Multinational Company

Either being a renowned multinational company or a small advertiser, We allow everyone to pass on their message to a large audience.

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