Connect to The Lounge Channel

On your desktop, smartphone or on the go, we make it easy for you to enjoy our lounge music programme.

Thanks to our partners now you can listen to The Lounge Channel on your Apple iPhone, Apple iPod Touch, Apple Ipad, Android Phone, Windows Phone, Blackberry Phone, Samsung Phone, Android Tablet, Smart TV or Home Media Center, even in your automobile, anywhere in the World. Just search "The Lounge Channel" click play and let the joy begin. So easy!

Android Smartphone / Tablet App

Listen to The Lounge Channel radio stream on the go with the free Android Radio App. The Android radio app is designed for both, smartphone and tablet.

Apple iPhone / iPad App

You can download our free Apple Radio App for your iPhone from the iTunes Store. You can also download it directly to your device by tapping the App Store icon.


Online Radio Player

You can listen to The Lounge Channel using the conventional web or mobile browser to launch our online radio player, and tune in to our radio programme stream. Alternatively allow your media player to pop up by clicking here!

APK Android app

If you have problems installing The Lounge Channel app from the Google Play Store we also offer you the stand alone APK file available from APKpure. Download The Lounge Channel APK installer.